Black and Blue

MPAACT Presents

Poster Black and Blue

Written by: Shepsu Aakhu
Directed by: Andrea J. Dymond

October 5 - November 18, 2018

Downstairs Studio

Thu-Sat @ 8:00pm, Sun @ 3:00pm


Davoe Sexton and Jayson Rabedeau patrol the notorious neighborhood on Chicago’s long-neglected south-east side. The area is known to locals as “Terror Town.” As veteran cops who “happen to be Black”, these men must navigate the streets, the policies of policing, and the deeply conflicted roles that they play in the lives of those that they are supposed to “serve and protect.” Set in 2016, these officers find themselves at ground zero when long-suppressed evidence surfaces (via the media) illuminating an officer involved shooting on the very streets that they patrol.


Over the course of a single day these officers must confront the most corrosive questions that face African-American officers… Are they Black? Are they Blue? Or are they a volatile mix of Black and Blue?



Estimated Run Time: 90 Minutes
Age Recommendation: PG-13 



2257 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614





       Monday :     CLOSED
 - Saturday:    12pm - 6pm*
       Sunday:    12pm - 4pm*

*or 30 minutes after final scheduled showtime.