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oedipus redeemed:

Seeing through listening

Written & Directed by Prof Kalman J Kaplan

February 19 7:30pm

What is Breaking Ground?


The BREAKING GROUND SERIES provides a platform for artists, thinkers, and feelers to showcase their works, their ideas, and their hearts. Once a week, join us for gripping tales, riveting discussions, or tantalizing performances from new and established folks from the Chicago area.

The Greenhouse Theater Center provides performance space free of charge, and half of the box office proceeds go to the artists. You can be sure that each ticket you purchase will directly support Growing Chicago Theater.

Check this page often to see what exciting events will be Breaking Ground at the Greenhouse!

be apart of our ground team

If you have anything you'd like to present to an audience, we're looking for you! Here are just a few examples of what we're looking for;

  • Play Readings

  • Burlesque

  • Musical Revues

  • Full productions

  • Improv

  • Stand-up

  • Short Play Festivals

  • Lectures

  • Dance performances


Past Events

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Written by Ellen Steves

THIN MINTS follows a troop of Bonfire Girls during a five-day woodland retreat as they prepare for an important election. The play scores 100% on the Bechdel Test and offers a warped perspective on the consequences of a community governed by abuse and manipulation.

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By Steven Strafford


Mona finds that life has left her sad and stuck. When she can’t seem to get off a Holocaust Trivia Distribution list, she takes a road trip to take some action. Along the way, she shapes her story and learns a bit about what she might want next.

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Written by Maureen Muldoon

Trans-Parent Love is a love song of a show that kicks off with a declaration of independence by Maureen’s daughter who has plastered a sign on her bedroom door informing the world that “A Pansexual Transgender” is in the house. 

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Written by Jack Shultz


Coffee. Romance. Heroin. There’s a first time for everything and a last. In his heartfelt solo show, Jack Schultz weaves together personal stories of the highs and lows of love.

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by roberta randall


Roberta Randall’s “Jackie Kennedy” traces the life and losses of one of America’s most famous First Ladies & brings to life a moving portrait of the Jackie O we knew, and opens up our world to the Kennedy Administration’s “Camelot.”

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by Shannon Pritchard

WOMEN IN REFRIGERATORS is a story of fear, fallibility, and the fate we make for ourselves.

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Featuring Kat Sass and Lucky Stiff

Acclaimed drag performers Kat Sass and Lucky Stiff bring their visionary GODDESS out of Boystown and into the Greenhouse Theater Center for a unique performance art experience unlike anything you have ever seen

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Written by Bill Goff



Two best friends share one last six pack as one looks to resolve their friendship and the other wants to preserve it before time runs out.

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by Jared McDaris


The Pall of Medusa is a new Elizabethan-style Tragedy. A fictional story of a conflict in ancient Corinth, wherein the mythical Gorgon and her sisters are presented as immigrants living in squalor outside the city walls.

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Featuring Stoopie!


Stoopie (aka improv duo Cooper Bohn and Steven Dionne) holds the title for strongest bromance in Chicago’s improv scene. Enjoy the day after Valentine’s Day with them and their funny friends!

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Featuring Fancy Mustard

There are times in your life where everything came before & after a single moment. Inspired by your suggestions Fancy Mustard will improvise what led up to that moment and the aftermath in The Event! Also featuring opening acts of friends and enemies (just kidding, we don’t have friends).

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By Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan’s She’s Folks! is a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a lot of laughs. Journey from the city to farm country and back again through folk and country music, hilarious stories, soaring harmonies and a wry view of the folks back home.

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Written by Kalman Kaplan

Although Oedipus insists on his guilt with regard to patricide and incest with his mother, Nathan is convinced that he has been entrapped by the purposely obscure responses of the Pythia to Oedipus's sincere attempts to avoid these acts and brings him to be tried in the great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem.

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Written by Ali Shields


The hook-handed man. The call coming from inside the house. The girl who has been dead twenty-five years. Everyone knows those classic scary stories... but why do we love them so much? 

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 The Unpopular Hotties

The Unpopular Hotties have something enjoyable for you Valentine’s Day haters! During the “Love Hangover” burlesque revue, we’ll be serving up all those post V-Day feels the best way we know how – by taking off our clothes!

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Featuring Both


Both is a Chicago-based sketch comedy duo that specializes in cleverly written scenes with absurd, irreverent, and often silly premises and characters, featuring two young but experienced performers, Dylan Burke and Jack Allen.