Celebration of the life of james shiflett

Join us as we celebrate the many contributions of JAMES SHIFLETT to Chicago theater. In 1969 Shiflett, who died December 16, 2019, co-founded, with Paul Sills and William Russo, the Body Politic in the building now known as Greenhouse Theater Center. He meant it to be a community arts center, but it quickly became known for its three theaters where, for example, David Mamet directed his first plays, Squirrels  and Duck Variations. Body Politic would be home to many notable theater companies, including the Organic Theater, Sills's Story Theater and Russo's Free Theater. In the mid-seventies, Shiflett met with Mayor Richard J. Daley to get Chicago's restrictive fire codes changed which allowed the flourishing of Chicago's storefront theater scene that we know today

February 5, 2020 at 7 pm

The event is free