Judy & Liza

Once in a Lifetime:The London Palladium Concert

a tribute

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Enjoy Nancy Hays and Alexa Castelvecchi’s performance as they lovingly recall the famed 1964 concert by the legendary mother-daughter duo of Judy Garland and an 18-year-old Liza Minnelli at the London Palladium. This tribute celebrates the classic songs, joyful movement and affectionate banter of that historic occasion, with solos like “The Man That Got Away”, “Just in Time” and “Gypsy in My Soul” and duets like “Chicago” and “Get Happy/Happy Days”, backed by the jazz-combo arrangements of Jeff-Award-recipient Robert Ollis, music director.

Background information on the show and a gallery of photos are found at www.JudyLizatribute.com.