KJK Theatre Company Presents

Oedipus Redeemed:
Seeing Through Listening


by Professor Kalman J. Kaplan
Directed by Kalman J. Kaplan

February  19, 2020 , Studio 44

Wed., 7:30pm, 

$15 (price)


Featuring KJK Theatre Company Oedipus in Jerusalem cast


An initial play, Oedipus in Jerusalem, related the narrative of Nathan, the biblical prophet, encountering the blinded Oedipus wandering alone outside of Thebes.  Convinced that Oedipus is innocent after hearing his story, Nathan brings Oedipus to Jerusalem to be tried at the Jewish Sanhedrin. The Greek playwright Sophocles serves as the prosecutor, while Nathan acts as Nathan’s defense attorney. The court  acquits Oedipus of intentionally murdering his father and bedding his mother. However, thinking as a Greek, Oedipus is unable to accept his acquittal. The play tonight, Oedipus Redeemed begins where Oedipus in Jerusalem ends, focusing on Nathan and Sophocles combining forces to present Oedipus with two dialogues involving Greek and biblical figures. 

The first contrasts the suicide of the Greek Stoic Zeno after a minor mishap of stubbing his to with the affirmation of life expressed by the biblical Job after monumental losses. The second dialogue between the biblical judge and prophetess Deborah and the blind Greek seer Teiresias focus on the biblical  story of Samson being betrayed by “following his eyes.” Insight 

is contrasted with sight.  Oedipus’s surviving daughter, Ismene reunites with Oedipus’s return to the Sanhedrin, tentatively and tearfully accepting his acquittal, and setting the stage for the third upcoming play in this trilogy. 


(Estimated) 90 minutes

Age Recommendation ( PG13, )



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