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Why would you want to send your child to Remote Learning Centers NFP (“RLC”) in the middle of a pandemic when Chicago Public Schools (CPS), along with most other schools, won’t open? Two reasons: safety and learning, as further explained in their respective tabs. Although no one can create a guaranteed safe environment, we believe we come much closer than any other current options that involve in-person teaching. Simply put, we believe are the safest in-person learning facility in Chicago. We recognize the great financial stress many parents are under so we have reduced the tuition to approximately $205/week.

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RLC was created in reaction to the COVID-19 Crisis and parents coming to us to see if we could help facilitate remote learning. The Greenhouse Theater Center’s 5 theaters with 8 bathrooms are being turned into classrooms for grades 3-8. The 20,000 square-foot building is located at 2257 N. Lincoln Ave in Lincoln Park. It is uniquely laid out to create the ability for students to move around inside their designated pod while maintaining social distancing. We will be able to maintain a safer space to study, learn, and play as no “outsiders” will be allowed in the classroom and we will have regular cleaning and disinfecting. With Oz Park a 5 minute walk, we can offer the kids a break from the routine to run around and play supervised games, creating a sense of normalcy.

Students will log into their CPS program on their laptops supplied by RLC. They will follow the on-line CPS curriculum with their designated teachers under the supervision of an RLC teacher/instructor/tutor. This will allow the student to seek additional private instruction as needed. The classes will be held from approximately 8:30-4:30. To give your kids another reason to be excited about coming to RLC, after CPS classes are over, each classroom will rehearse a play through readings and hopefully dramatic action (masks at all times). When ready, they will perform the play as either a reading or live action at the Greenhouse for their parents and relatives. We plan on taking advantage of our professional live theater facility.

This is a very difficult time for both parents and students and we feel at RLC that we have created an atmosphere that allows socialization, one-on-one tutoring, a sense of freedom within the pod, and most importantly, a place that parents can take their kids with the confidence that we will do everything in our power to protect them.


RLC is committed to being open through June at which time it will offer a summer program, subject to demand.

Contact or call 773-305-1560 and visit for more information.

First period runs from 10/26-2/4 for grades 3-8

Tuition is $2,664, or $205/week, for 13 weeks


Students are automatically accepted upon payment in full, subject to availability