THIN MINTS follows a troop of Bonfire Girls during a five-day woodland retreat as they prepare for an important election. The play scores 100% on the Bechdel Test and offers a warped perspective on the consequences of...

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January 15 - 22 

greenhouse400x619 (1).png

“Evil Dead The Musical” takes all the elements of the cult classic films “The Evil Dead,” “Evil Dead 2,” and “Army of Darkness” and combines them for one of the
craziest, funniest, and bloodiest theatrical experiences of all time. Five college students...

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Jan 23 - Feb 29 

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In 1619, 20 enslaved Africans arrived in Point Comfort, Va. The 400-year journey that followed would change a nation and the world. Using various musical forms including hip-hop, jazz, and blues, this fabulous musical theater production commemorates...

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Feb 27 & 28 


A knight comes to slay the town’s local Dragon. But the townspeople don’t love this idea as much as the knight would think. For, apparently, the ‘only way to be free and clear of dragons is to have one of your own’. A fantastical take on power and totalitarianism...

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April 1 - April 26 

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The BREAKING GROUND SERIES provides a platform for artists, thinkers, and feelers to showcase their works, their ideas, and their hearts. Once a week, join us for gripping tales, riveting discussions, or tantalizing performances...

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Open-ended Run

Show Poster Sunday Evening.jpg

Two families, lost in deep conflict, misunderstandings, and personal betrayal. Rose and Nick are an immigrant couple trapped between the demons of their past and betrayal...

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Jan 16 - Feb 9 


An initial play, Oedipus in Jerusalem, related the narrative of Nathan, the biblical prophet, encountering the blinded Oedipus wandering alone outside of Thebes.  Convinced that Oedipus is innocent after hearing his story, Nathan brings Oedipus...

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February 19 

judyliza vertical poster final.jpeg

Enjoy Nancy Hays and Alexa Castelvecchi’s performance as they lovingly recall the famed 1964 concert by the legendary mother-daughter duo of Judy Garland and an 18-year-old Liza Minnelli at the London Palladium. This tribute celebrates the classic...

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march 5 - April 5


Alex is a comedian and youtuber with over 4 million subscribers. He has appeared on America's Got Talent, and The Chicago Tribune said"his viral videos are funny". Last year, Alex's 21 city tour sold out and now he's back with brand new material for one night only....

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April 4 

Spoken Word 400X 619 final.jpg

Resonant with Arthur Miller's The Crucible, SPOKEN WORD takes place in a small community dominated by hearsay, fear, outrage, and over-reaching authority figures. On the isolated campus of a Midwest university...

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Jan 17 - March 1 

Layover 400x619 new.jpg

 Ever wonder who that stranger is sitting next to you? What is their story? What are they hiding? Shellie and Dex dare to answer these questions after their flight is delayed on a snowy Thanksgiving night. What they discover about themselves, and each other....

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Feb 20 - March 22 

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Theodore Roosevelt, “Teddy” to the world, was the face of America for more than a generation. Powerful, opinionated and fiercely loyal, he stood for an honest, honorable and muscular America. He fought hard for ordinary people...

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march 12 - April 19

Pulled Punches  final 400X 619.jpg

On an express train home to watch Scandal, Isis gets all the elements of her favorite show - drama, passion and heart-stopping suspense when she collides into a professor who dares to swirl into her orbit and take her breath away...

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April 17 - May 31



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