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Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed film directed by Tim Burton, BIG FISH tells the larger-than-life tale of Edward Bloom, a man who leads an extraordinary life—according to the stories he tells his son...

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September 29 - November 17

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The hilarious, heartbreaking, (mostly) true tale of the first woman to ever be "trolled" through the media. With an eclectic mix of storytelling techniques, this musically driven play shines a comedic...

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November 7 - November 24

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Grace is a brilliant young woman with big dreams and a passion for Astronomy.  She is stuck working in her Family’s toy store and pleads for a great adventure – far away from Sheboygan Wisconsin. Suddenly...

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November 27 - December 29

Pulled Punches  final 400X 619.jpg

On an express train home to watch Scandal, Isis gets all the elements of her favorite show - drama, passion and heart-stopping suspense when she collides into a professor who dares to swirl into her orbit and take her breath away...

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April 17 - May 31 2020

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Winner of an International Ibsen Scholarship, sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of
Culture. The Master Comic is a fun & satirical study of the rise and fall of a once great, & now controversial Black entertainer...

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October 4 - November 17


Welcome to the North Pole, home to Santa, Mrs. Claus, Clara, Twinkle, Sprinkle and Sparkle the elves and their friend, Eleanor. Eleanor is a rag doll with a special wish – a best friend and home of her own...

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November 19 - December 29

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Two families, lost in deep conflict, misunderstandings, and personal betrayal. Rose and Nick are an immigrant couple trapped between the demons of their past and betrayal...

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January 16 - February 9 2020

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The BREAKING GROUND SERIES provides a platform for artists, thinkers, and feelers to showcase their works, their ideas, and their hearts. Once a week, join us for gripping tales, riveting discussions, or tantalizing performances...

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Open-ended Run

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A young liberal white actor takes a job as a caregiver for an elderly passionate conservative African American woman.  He lands the role of a lifetime, but is challenged with using the N-word...

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October 24 - November 17


Ebeneezer Scrooge has changed, but the world has not. His newfound friends and family still bear the weight of London's torrid economy. Inspired to make the banks play fair, Scrooge inadvertently crashes the market ...

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November 20 - December 19

Spoken Word 400X 619 final.jpg

Resonant with Arthur Miller's The Crucible, SPOKEN WORD takes place in a small community dominated by hearsay, fear, outrage, and over-reaching authority figures. On the isolated campus of a Midwest university - sex, race, and gender...

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January 17 - March 1 2020



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