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Sons and Lovers


Based on the Novel by D.H. Lawrence

Adapted and Directed by Michael Brayndick


August 29 - September 29, 2019

Thu-Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 2:30pm



Upstairs Studio

Set in England during the first decade of the twentieth century, SONS AND LOVERS dramatizes the early years of the spirited and lyrically inspired writer D.H. Lawrence as he charted his course from a Midlands coal mining town into the larger world. The story portrays his parents’ turbulent, mismatched marriage, his own first affairs of the heart, and his mother’s jealousy about the women he brought into his life. In the process, Lawrence developed his views on the mystical role of sexuality in shaping the soul and the power of determined creativity to overcome dark circumstances.

Run Time: 120 minutes (Estimated)

Age Recommendation: 13+

Check out these great reviews from TheaterWorld, Buzz Center Stage and Splash Magazine

 “Sons and Lovers with unforgettable performances is highly recommended…” (Theatre World Internet Magazine)


This production is “Gripping and powerful”, this “difficult subject matter was explored deeply.” “This is a production that serious theatre goers will not want to miss.” (Splash Magazine)


 “A story this rich demands to be dramatized” as “Sons and Lovers combusts whenever necessary.” (Stage and Cinema)


Miles Borchard’s performance as Paul is “full of genuine intensity.” (Sun Times) He is “…clearly the voice of Lawrence the artist” and “a sweetly sensitive and guarded Paul.” (Third Coast)


“Brian Boller meets an interesting challenge playing two major roles:  D. H. Lawrence and William Morel.  He narrates and gives the story meaning and direction.” (Third Coast)


“Amy Gray is so powerful as the elegant, refined lady who quickly realizes that she has married well below her station.” (Theatre World Internet Magazine) 


"Amy displays a lovely voice when she sings the English folk song, “Long, Long Ago.”’ (Third Coast)


“Stephen Dunn, well known for playing more genteel roles, dirties up and gets belligerent for this role as a man trapped in a legacy bequeathed by generations, and blind to any glimmer of opportunity or change.” (Theatre World Internet Magazine)


 “Dunn as father Walter nicely reflects the character’s aging and physical impairments.” (Third Coast)


This cast is “superb” (Theatre World Internet Magazine) 


“Each of the actors skillfully inhabited their characters and the accents were spot on.” “The costumes, the set, the staging, and accompanying music combined to create an atmosphere that was compelling and engaging.” (Splash Magazine)


“Sons and Lovers bristles with the push and pull of hearts and minds of working people… who want more out of life but do not know where to turn to find it.  Director Brayndick has created a journey filled with harrowing moments that allow each character self-realization and strength.” (Theatre World Internet Magazine)



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 - Saturday:    12pm - 6pm*
       Sunday:    12pm - 4pm*

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