Moving Bench Theater Presents

the ballad of lydia pinkham's

magical, miracle sure-cure for all female weaknesses

Lydia Pinkham web poster.jpg

Written by

Jenilee Houghton

Directed by

Chris Causer


November 7 - November 24, 2019

Thursdays - Saturdays @ 8:00pm

Sundays @ 2:00pm

Studio 44

Tickets are $20

The hilarious, heartbreaking, (mostly) true tale of the first woman to ever be "trolled" through the media. With an eclectic mix of storytelling techniques, this musically driven play shines a comedic yet poignant light on how little things have changed for women in the limelight today. The year was 1873 and all Lydia Pinkham wanted to do was to help her neighbors in a time when getting quality medical advice was nearly impossible for women. Testimonials called her Vegetable Compound a miracle cure, but when her well-intentioned, dim-witted sons decided to use their mother's face on all the products and ads, it lit a firestorm of criticism and cruelty from the public. Despite the success she was able to bring to her family, Lydia had to face a question that seems as relevant today as it did 150 years ago: Am I brave enough to put myself out there and am I strong enough to withstand the harsh backlash of the public?



2257 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614





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       Sunday:    12pm - 4pm*

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