the murder of abraham lincoln:

The Shakespeare connection

A Staged Reading of a new play

by BJ Mohr

Presented by Royal James Theater


​Wednesday September 18

@ 7:30 PM

​Upstairs Mainstage

$10 Donation

The Murder of Abraham Lincoln: The Shakespeare Connection by B.J. Mohr is a new play that delves into the reason for the assassination of the 16th president of the United States. Inspired by the historical record and the testimonies of those who knew Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth, the drama is a compelling exploration into the psychology behind the most infamous crime in American history.

Shakespeare’s play of Julius Caesar became real life for American actor John Wilkes Booth who couldn’t distinguish theater from reality. He so completely lost himself in the role of Brutus, who stabbed Caesar to death, that he took on the character in real life. Like Brutus, Booth believed he was saving the republic when he assassinated Lincoln, thinking the world would hail him a hero. He was shocked when, instead, it cursed him a villain.



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