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Our Roots

The Greenhouse Theater Center is a producing theater company, performance venue, and theatre bookstore.  

We strive to cultivate a fertile environment for local artists. From individual renters to our bevy of resident companies, we provide a space for them to bring their voices and ideas.  Our mission is to grow Chicago theater.

With new ideas always incubating, the Greenhouse Theater is flourishing. Come grow with us!

What's Happening at
Greenhouse Theater?

Nuns4Fun Announces Its Fall Schedule

"Vicki Quade and Nuns4Fun Entertainment have announced their Fall 2022 season will include five of their best loved religious comedies."


Elastic Mind heralds a promising new playwright.

"For a first effort, Alexander has chosen to dive into the deep end of the pool, but his baby comes out smelling like a rose."


"It’s all a good, PG-13 laugh, a fun girls’ night out, a party show, a chance to whoop it up and shed one’s inhibitions while remaining in a somewhat dignified and safe environment."